It’s almost time to watch out how we date our correspondence. I’d say checks but less people use them now. Just remember that on this coming Sunday it’ll be 2023. You might remember, then again you might be too young, how we were told the world would end when the new century began. We’re still here. Our computers didn’t lock up, the ICBM’s didn’t fly and all the other date sensitive things worked Just as well the day after New Years Eve as they did the day before. We had time to prepare, plan and make needed changes.

It’s taken me time to prepare, plan and create Terah, to introduce those you’ve come to know to those living on this new world, that you have yet to meet. Though Terah exists only on the pages of my book, I want you to feel, you’ve taken the journey, joined me, Kahill, Becarra, Peter and Becky as we create the last chapters of Sister World.