To those both local and those within an hours drive, I’m once again inviting you to come to the Exeter Craft sale. I’ll be there along with some very excellent crafters. That’s my reminder.

For those waiting for the third and final installment of my Sister World trilogy, all I can say is I’m working as hard as I can. I’m also reminding myself that writing is a passion not a job. I love words. I always have. I love speaking through my characters. What they say is what I hope to pass on to those who enjoy my stories, grow to love or hate the people I help create. I only help create them, they’re walking beside us every day. Though I put those I write about in places I would not willingly go, they are still people I know, love, hate or wish to be. Sometimes, I’m still sitting on my mother’s lap learning about the world from the books she read to me. Other times I’m watching those around me, wishing I could be them, finally learning many wish they could be me. It’s been quite a journey and as the journey continues, I hope to take you with me.