Woonsocket Fall Festival

I am going to be signing and selling books at the Woonsocket Fall Festival, Sunday, October 13th from 10:00Am to (at least) 5:00PM. The festival is held at the Woonsocket Veteran’s Memorial Park , 303 Clinton Street, Woonsocket, RI It’s a lot of fun. I’ll have all three novels, plus my Children’s books. Hope to see you there.

The Quiet One

I should have written a short story a long time ago. These reviews are from my friends who have no problem telling me when they don’t like something.
1. “Holy crackers! Scary thoughts & ideas which can pick at your brain are the kind Steven King writes.”
2. “Yours is scary, chilling & a brain picker. I’m glad that it’s you who has written it & that it’s fiction!!!”
3. “It is fiction, it is fiction, it IS fiction. I’m relieved that I wasn’t born in Cumberland.”

If it doesn’t get published I will put it here in its entirety.

Sister World I, the Arrival

Reviews by family can be especially tough. My cousin asked me to sign her copy and to hurry up and publish Sister World II. That made me smile, but I nearly cried when my mother said she loved it and couldn’t wait for the next one either. She has always been my harshest critic so this meant a lot to me.

My high school student friend also enjoyed the book. Please pick one up and give me your thoughts.

Envelope Books

I have just submitted a short story to envelope books. It had to be less than 1000 words and take place in Rhode Island. I’m waiting to hear back. “The Quiet One” is slightly macabre and I hope riveting. Having submitted a rough draft to a friend and taking into consideration her input, this is what she said of the final draft.

“Wow 100% better, great intro, grabbed me right away, nice flow, Understand each character, loved the home description, all terrific, good luck.”

Best review. Thank you Carol