I was at Scituate’s Fair this past Saturday and Woonsocket’s Autumnfest Sunday. Both were great days for me. I really enjoyed the people I met and hope they enjoy the books they bought. What made it extra special was the comment I received about Sister World the Arrival, on facebook, which was also posted as a review on Amazon.

“I just bought the first two of the sister world trilogy on Sunday afternoon. I’m already 30 pages from being done book 1!! Is the third out yet? I’ll need it by Friday at this rate!”

I hope she enjoys The Fight for Earth as much. I am working on the third: Sister World, Back to Terah. I am now highly motivated, though it’s not easy saving a world, even when it doesn’t actually exist. But then who really knows what’s out there.

For someone who waited years to do what she always wanted to do, there is nothing so rewarding as knowing you made someone smile. Let’s continue the journey. It’s a great ride.