I was at the Scituate Fair and Woonsocket’s Autumn festival

I got to meet many new people, and made a lot of book sales. The weather held and the other vendors, food and in Woonsocket, the rides, were a big hit.

I know you do not all live close enough to visit, but if you do, make sure to come to the Lively Literati on October 28th. It’s held at the East Greenwich Hotel, 162 Main Street in East Greenwich, RI. and begins at 6:30. This month I’ll be speaking about my books and reading the scenes I hope will make you shiver. Costumes are welcome but not required. If you’ve read Dark Night of the Soul, you know Gregor is unique and the changes he forced upon Marcus has changed his life in ways even he does not understand. I intend to showcase some of what that means, of course I’ll be a bit dramatic. I hope to see you there.