Sister World 2

S/W2 is finally in the next phase. I have my first review, which I’ll post below, but first;

I have done so much research, the physics is theoretical, which means possible if not probable. The names, flora and fauna, and the animals would exist as they are portrayed. Of course that they could speak and what they would say is a product of my imagination. I did extensive research on the places and peoples that would live in the places I invented. The battles are as accurately portrayed as possible in fiction. I hope, when it becomes available you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Of course, you will need to read SW 1. I did start book two with a recap and a list of characters to refresh those who have waited for the second book.


I love the way the author gives her characters looks, motives and background with just a few sentences or a paragraph and I felt as though I knew them. The battle scenes were so well written and I enjoyed the way that the characters and their mirrors were exchanged….this book is a real winner… Andrea LeBlanc


It’s hard to post this. On July 8th, I sat by my mother. I held her in my arms, singing the Ave Maria while she drew her last breath. Losing her is painful, but there is also the pain of not finishing Sister World 2. My biggest fan, she loved Sister World 1 and was quite adamant that I not kill her favorite characters. If you can hear me Mom, I didn’t. Though often said, these things are true: time passes too quickly. Good times do not last forever, and bad times do not define us. No matter the troubles, remember to love as hard as you can. Say I love you often, ask forgiveness when you need to and forgive even when you don’t want to. Try to bring a smile to someone’s face everyday. It’s a gift you can’t buy.

Sister World 2 Prologue

The prologue sets the stage for Kahill and Becarra’s leading the new resistance to the well hidden resistance headquarters, the mirror of the one on Terah. From there, a plan must be made to capture the imposters, rescue our people and put them back in place. A complicated mission, with characters that will pull you into the story. I will post the publishing date as soon as it’s available.


             Sister World 1  began when Kahill and Cara of Terah, learned of Earth, a planet in an alternate universe, and the wormhole that is the gateway to it.  Knowing that Frauliege, Terah’s despotic leader, is sending her people to this new world, replacing Earth’s leaders with hers they braved the wormhole.  Arriving on Griffen Island, a small island off the coast of Canada, they locate their mirrors; Peter, Becky, and their father, Dr. Samuel Benjamin.   and a new resistance is built.

         Using a bird carrying flu, Griffen is isolated from the rest of the world.  As the landing pad for the wormhole, it is the base for the Tehran invasion. General Hinman, Commander of their forces is looking for Dr.’s Samuel and Charles Benjamin for their knowledge of the Wormhole and the contacts they have with those who could save the Earth.

         Eve Conner, the local news anchor, having sought refuge from those taking over the station, upon learning the truth behind the flu, bravely returned to the station, becoming a spy.  It is from her that the resistance learns that the local fishing fleet has been captured.  When the fleet’s Captain’s execution is planned, the new resistance, with the help of TEV; a thought, emotion, vocalizer, that allows communication between peoples and animals, a rescue is planned.  Kahill assuming command, plans the mission, using the most unusual army ever assembled.  Together the island’s animals, the students rescued from Peter’s school, Dr. Benjamin and his family, and Becarra and Kahill, the  fishermen are rescued.  Nathan, the apprentice of the island’s only doctor, hiding in the mountains surrounding the island, sees the battle, and, following the smoke of the resistance’s fire, discovers their hideout.  It is then that Kahill reveals that he has prepared a place on Earth that is the home of Terah’s Resistance headquarters.   Our story begins there. 

Sister World 2

Just finished writing Sister World 2 . It’s been a great experience. I’ve done so much research and have much to thank Robert Zannelli for his physics help and his extensive knowledge of so many things. Now for the Beta reader and the edits and maybe I can put away my four notebooks. I am so looking forward to its release. Sister World I is available everywhere and truly worth the read.

Sister World I, The Arrival

The good news is Sister World I has gone wide.

The URL is: here

I am very close to finishing book 2 and I’m very excited about publishing the new book. A little preview will be added to the site soon.


Author Meet Louttit Library

Due to the present restrictions, the author meeting scheduled for March 26th has been postponed. As the situation is fluctuating, a new date has not been decided upon. I’ll keep you informed and I hope I’ll be able to meet you all when it is rescheduled.

Author Meet and Greets

I will be selling and signing at two local author meet and greets. The first is at the annual Cumberland Library Local Author Expo. It’s at the Cumberland Library from 1:00 to 4:00 on February 15th.

I will be at the Warwick Public Library Author Meet and Greet on March 28th from 10:00-3:00.

Besides my previous novels, I will be bringing copies of my latest book Where There Was Darkness. It is the third in the Darkness and Light Series and is beautifully formatted by Rob Bently. It is the third in the Darkness and Light Series. Thank you Rob


Hope to see you soon.

Marcus of the Darkness and Light Series

I was asked for more info about Marcus and Dark Night. Marcus’ condition is not supernatural. Everything he faces has a precedent in nature. Of courses as a work of fiction, the attributes forced on him are somewhat enhanced. Even so, if a man existed living the life Gregor lives, the life he forces Marcus to live, in a time when science was not advanced enough to have the answers, Gregor would have been one of the main reasons for the vampire legend. Marcus is trying to understand himself, to understand what he’s been made to be. In a way, a more natural, human condition is far more frightening then a supernatural one, where your choices and behavior can be blamed on powers you have no control over. It is Marcus’ strength, given to him by his family, that gives him the ability to fight Gregor, to feel compassion and love. Marcus, not believing he is human, is more human than most.

The Science

The Calyptra is a moth that drinks blood from both animals and humans. This moth is found in many places including Europe. It is believed they descended from fruit eating moths and over time their DNA changed to make it the animal it is today. Their bites are rather ugly puncture marks reminiscent of the movie Vampire’s bites. Moths are attracted to light but often perish when they get too close to it. It is not a far stretch to say a human, with multiple bites could possibly get infected. Could this cause him to drink blood, stay away from daylight and perhaps even cause a long term DNA change. Who knows?

Add to that the uncommon allergy to sunlight that plagues a few people. In past times, again when medical science was young, these people were ostracized and forced to live away from many communities.

There are many animals that can regenerate damaged, even lost body parts. As Marcus says; “It is not so much that we cannot be killed as it is that we so quickly heal.” Hence what happens to Gregor. I won’t explain, you must read the book for that.

As far as strength and speed. There are many examples of extremely fast and strong animals. Forgive my slight exaggerations.

Then there is how Marcus lives and that is purely human, the best of human nature.

Sister World I

I’ve been told that my description of the book had a grammatical error. I’ll try again.

The first of the Sister World Trilogy, Sister World I, The Arrival, tells the tale of the dangers faced by the people of Terah. Existing in an alternate universe, Terah, a mirror image of Earth, has had a very different existence.

Since the terrible conclusion of their third world war, the free people of Terah have been forced to remain in hiding while all others are subject to the brutal control of Frauliege, their despotic ruler. Discovering the existence of Earth and the way to send her people here, Frauliege prepares to conquer a second world; ours. In resistance headquarters two teens learn that the fates of both worlds will be decided by the people of Earth. With no one else able to make the journey, they brave the wormhole and begin searching for their mirrors, hoping not only to save this strangely similar world, but also the family that would be theirs.


As soon as I get my author copy of my latest book, “Where There Was Darkness” I will be bringing a collection of all my novels to the Cumberland High School Library. I so wish I could see my sophomore year English teacher. She signed the book of poems I wrote saying: “Debbie,I wish you every happiness always. I hope you keep your love books and poetry. They’re good friends for anyone to have.” She also supported me, encouraging my writing. That is what being a teacher is all about.