I celebrated the changing year in Florida with my brother-in-law and the Hogwarts Express. Though I enjoyed my visit and being able to make believe I was a child, riding the movies and eating in Hogsmeade, I missed being back on my computer.

I was able to complete the editing of Darkness and Light, Vampires and will be turning the manuscript over for publication soon. I am also looking forward to going to Terah. I hope you will come with me. Our journey through the wormhole will be much less painful the Becarra and Kahill’s, though the welcome will be far more dangerous. Come with me, it should be a helluva ride.


I hope to see you at the Craft Fair at the Exeter Grange from 9-3 both Saturday and Sunday. I will be selling my books along with local vendors selling their crafts

Local Craft Fair

I will be signing and selling my books at the Exeter Grange December, 4th and 5th, from 9am-3pm. There will be many local(Exeter, RI) crafters there. Let’s get come Christmas shopping done. Don’t forget there’s nothing like a good book.


I had a great time last weekend. Almost sold out of my first novel, DarkNight of the Soul. I had to replenish my stock. Not a bad problem to have. Now to remind you. I will be at the 9th annual RI Author’s Expo along with many other talented authors. There’ll be something for everyone, specially those hard to buy for people. Books make great Christmas gifts. Please join us at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI on December 11th. from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

To Mom

Once again I was thinking of my mother. She had plans for each child. According to mom we were all gifted. My sister was the artist. She could draw as soon as she held a pencil. I was the singer and possibly a writer-she loved my stories and I began making things up as soon as I found I had a voice. My brother was the musician. He began playing guitar when he was in grade school. My sister is a very good artist and you should hear her sing( she’s not supposed to be able to do that, after all I can’t draw.) My brother is a great musician, produces albums( grammy nominated), plays just about any instrument and writes music. I sang for a while, getting paid to do weddings when I lived in Connecticut. Wanted to sing opera. I did a good job on the aria to Romeo and Juliette. Then I was supposed to be the next Barbara Streisand. You should have heard me belt out People. I was asked to join a band and head to California, but I was in love and stayed behind. Married since 1978, you do the math. Now I’m writing. I forgot how much I loved it until it saved my life. I am not a sit at home, do nothing person and six months of that, without a paper and pencil, would have killed me just as surely as the brain tumor almost did. I rushed my first book into publication so I could give mom a copy, show her I finally did it. She was ill. The book had many mistakes, but seeing her cry when I was standing with other local authors selling my books at the Cumberland Library was worth the embarrassment of spelling clothes as cloths. Seems I’m not particularly found of e’s. She loved the next book, Sister World. It was the dog, a love we have always shared. She told me she hoped I had other ideas, future novels. I wish she could see there are now six, the seventh already started, and three outlines. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I think she’s smiling

RI Comic-Con

I will be signing and selling books at RI comic-con this year. I missed the excitement last year. I’m at table 718, please stop by and say hello. I will have copies of my latest book. Darkness and Light, The Hunter, is the fourth installment in the Darkness and Light series. We learn how Marcus uses the unique abilities Gregor forced upon him. Even in a world with more light, there are things in the darkness to hunt and Marcus is the Hunter.


Last night’s lively literati was a lot of fun. First I didn’t trip on the cape I wore. Secondly, I didn’t lose anything and thirdly a person I do not know, after hearing me read a passage of my book, told me it was gripping. That she bought it matters less than the compliment. I was asked how I develop my characters. It’s not as easy a question as one might think. Maddy shares some of my habits. Yes I talk to my teddy bears. I was a lonely child and they always agreed with me. Judson has the wonderful sense of humor my brother had he had when he was a boy. Chief Daniels has the insights of my 7th grade English teacher. His kindness will never be forgotten. Mrs. Daniels has the dedication my sister always shows. The others have qualities, strengths and weakness, from those I’ve met on my many years journey. Marcus is the me I would have liked to be. I wanted to be a man, because there were no female heroes when I grew up. I wanted to be strong, because I saw my weaknesses. When I thought I was going to die, the brain tumor, I wanted to be more selfless but mostly I want to leave the world a better place than the way it was when I entered it.


I just found out the East Greenwich Hotel has opened its kitchen, so if you’d like a meal to go along with an interesting presentation, good company and a good glass of wine, you’ll find it all there. Don’t forget it’s tonight at 6:30 in the Updike room of the East Greenwich Hotel, 162 Main Street East Greenwich, RI. If you can make, step over and say hello.