Good News

My poem, The Journey, has been accepted in this years Rhode Island Bards Poetry Review. The launch event will be held at the Courtyard Providence, which of course is in Warwick. It will be held on June 28th at 7:30, doors open at 7. There is a $5.00 cover charge.

My short story , The Quiet One, will be published the DarkWinter Literary Magazine. Things are looking up.


I just sent my latest manuscript to an editor. I think it’s time to make it as polished as I can. It will always be closest to my heart. As I sat at the kitchen table, head feeling like it was splitting in two, when walking to the bathroom was the biggest challenge of my day, I began to think of all those people whose challenges are so much greater than mine. Always wanting to be a man as the women of my generation were powerless, I dreamt of being the man strong enough to face the worst life could give him. I’m glad I didn’t live his life, grateful my challenges have been relatively easy and I’ve moved beyond them. I wish I could recognize evil as he does, and be able to make the differences he makes.

Friends of the Exeter Library

As part of the Friends of the Exeter Library it was an honor to accept the MERITORIOUS FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY Award for our support of the Exeter Public Library. The Library Director kindly submitted our name and we were given the award at the RILA conference. Below are pictures of the award and all but one officer of the Friends group. A heartfelt thanks to Library supporters everywhere.


As is common in most professions, time and experience improves us.  Due to this I am re-editing and rewriting Dark Night of the Soul.  The story, as well as the concept of how each of us carries darkness and light within, and characters will not change. Tilly will still be there.  You know how to reach me, so if you haven’t purchased the book, I will be selling the old edition for $5.00 a copy, plus shipping if necessary.  If you have yet to buy, the sale price for the new edition is $10.00. Ebook prices will remain as is.

I am hoping you will consider updating your copy or purchasing the new-improved version. The plan is to have it released prior to the holiday season.

Here’s a small excerpt. For purposes of this post, I’m calling it, Meeting the monster.

Whatever she had planned to say was left unspoken.  Snarling, he tore through her tender flesh. He was careful; he did not want this one to die too soon. Pat began to cry. Gregor brought his hand to her face, seemingly to wipe away her tears.   Instead he used his hideously long fingernails to slice through her soft cheeks.  He tore into the flesh of her thick arms.  The pain was so great she could no longer cry.  Her eyes rolled back, head falling.

    “Not yet.” He tenderly slapped her cheeks, keeping her awake. “You fear me?”

    The answer was a whimper. He smiled. “You should fear me more. Your children, I will find them.”



Every Easter I put together a basket for my husband and son. Now I do one for my soon to be daughter-in-law law. I write up 4 clues. They each have-to search for their baskets. Looking forward to tomorrow’s hunt. Of course I do make it hard on myself, the clues have to rhyme. Happy Easter to all my friends.

Here’s one of the clues my son must figure out. Let me know if you know what it is, where he has to look to find the clue.

if you turn it on

the air will blow

where your clue goes

who will know

Sister World, Back to Terah

The story evolves. As the final battles of an old war begin, Terah is on the brink of freedom or total destruction. Looking into the eyes of my dog, Boots, I realize he is the inspiration for my mother’s favorite character. Though he doesn’t need to speak, I have given him a voice.


A Darkness Descending has a new cover. I thank Rob Bentley for his work. So far Where There Was Darkness, Darkness and Light Hunter and Darkness and Light Vampires have great covers thanks to Rob and Norma Gustafson (for the photos used for the last two books). I have a lot of thinking to do about Dark Night of the Soul. I’m going to update its content. Like most-if not all-of the books I’ve read, the authors improve over time. In Dark Night, there’s so much I want to say. I think I can say it better. I’ll let you know when its been republished.

It’s time to get back to Sister World. I can’t leave my characters in their precarious positions. Let the pacing begin.


I’m updating my books, starting with Where There Was Darkness. I will post when each book’s updated version becomes available. If you have an old issue, contact me and I’ll get a signed new version to you at a discounted price. I accept PayPal and the charge for mailing within the US is not extravagant.

Once again I have to thank RK Bently for his guidance and experience.


I’m very excited to announce that as of this morning, Vampires is available in all formats. I put away the notebooks, my research and the proof, feeling like I lost a friend. I hope in your life, as in Marcus’, you find the light there is even in the dark.


Sorry it took so long to post, but I’ve just gotten back to some serious writing. I’m sending the final version of the book cover of Vampires out. With the usual quick response I should get the formats back soon. If all goes well, the book will be available this coming week. YEAH

As the final book in the Darkness and Light series, I find myself already missing the characters I’ve come to love. Hoping you do too. Sending a copy of the first book, Dark Night of the Soul off to England. I hope it has more than a vacation.