I belong to a local community chorus. We had our after Christmas Concert cast party last night. I was asked to read the poem I’d written for our director. Of course I was happy to do so but I was even happier with it’s reception. If you want to learn more about my poetry, email me at drzannelliauthor@gmail.com

ComicCon revisited

I’d like to add a couple of photos. I’m not good at this but I am a good writer. The laughing me is unusual so it shows you just what a good time I had.

Heres the group, a great group of people, great authors. The kind of people it’s worth spending time with. Pull up a stool, have a cocoa and read our books. They’ll take you places you can’t go any other way.

Sales update

It’s wonderful to know that my book, Dark Night of the Soul is selling in Japan. Lots of excitement selling overseas. Just gotta love that face.


I am happy to say that Where There Was Darkness is now under review and I will be doing final proof as soon as I can. The Kindle version is already available for purchase. I will be announcing the release date of the paper back as soon as I know it.

Where There Was Darkness

I am asking for help. I need a translator to help me translate English to Spanish. If you can help contact me at drzannelliauthor@gmail.com


Reminder. This week I will be at RI ComicCon. It is a great event and I hope to see many of my readers, friends and potential readers there. See you soon.