In the Darkness and Light series

Book1: A Darkness Descending and Book3: Where There was Darkness are available in all formats

Dark Night of the Soul is only available as a paperback or Kindle at Amazon. Though you do not have to read Dark Night after A Darkness Descending, I highly recommend reading Where There was Darkness Last.

To those who have read any of the above, please write a review(Good I Hope) and let me know if you think I should write a fourth. It’s all mapped out and ready for the writing.

Sister World1 and 2 are available everywhere. Both have received excellent reviews. There aren’t many reviews sent in but although I’d like to complain, I hardly ever did reviews myself so I understand why there are so few. My biggest and best review, came from my brother-in-law, so it can’t be posted. Amazon doesn’t know that he is very quick to tell me what I do wrong. He loved both books but likes second one more. As he put it: “he really liked the battle scenes and the way I resolved the problems, especially how certain people got what they deserved. I cannot say more. I hope I said enough to interest you.

My mother did not live long enough to read Sister World 2. She loved the first one. She told me it was a p perfect blend of science and characters you’d remember long after you finished the book, with just enough whimsey to make her smile.

I hope you enjoy them.

My heart will always be with Marcus, the main character in the Darkness and Light series. In him you find a strength I wish we all had. I can only hope I could face the challenges sent his way, making the choices he makes. You see his growth, from the boy in a Darkness Descending to what Gregor tried to make him. Under all circumstances, Marcus’ remains true to his nature, using the values taught to him as a child (book one), to become the man you meet in book two.

You can now purchase signed copies either at the Westerly Armory November first or through my business e-mail, payment through my PayPal account.


Good Reading.

Book Selling

To anyone interested in purchasing my books directly from me, you can reach me at drzannelliauthor@gmail.com. Your payment will be processed via pay pal, referencing the email above. Once I receive notice of payment I will sign and ship the books. At present, to make things easier for all of us, I charge $15.00 per book plus a shipping fee of 3.00 per book and sales tax of $1.00 for a total of $19.00. The shipping is the same whether it’s being shipped to someone in RI or another state. Of course if you’re in Rhode Island you can come to book selling/signing events, which I’m hoping will return. I will post any that I will be participating in. At this time the only upcoming one is at the Westerly Amrory on 11/1 from 10am to 3pm. The cost for shipping overseas is pricey and beyond my control. The taxes remain the same but the shipping cost is $24.00/per book. Sorry but I have to say in that case Amazon is the better deal.

Correction to Going Wide

I am sorry to say that Dark Night of The Soul and A Darkness Descending will not be available on all formats until the middle of October. I recommend purchasing them through Amazon, paperback or Kindle prior to reading Where There Was Darkness. We don’t want to give any story plots away. You can always contact me at drzannelliauthor@gmail.com

Westerly Armory 2nd annual Exhibit and Sale

Hello friends. On November first I will be selling and signing books at the Westerly Armory. The event will include many talented crafters and in these extraordinary times, it will be one great way to leave our problems behind if only from 10am to 3pm. The Westerly Armory is at 41 Railroad Avenue Westerly, RI 02891 Stop by and say Hi. I hope to see you there.

Going Wide

For those of you following me and reading my books, I want you to know that I have now begun publishing all my novels on Draft to Digital. That means they will all be available in multiple formats. I’m going to list the books below, but first.

Dark Night of Soul, my first novel is set in the horror genre but it is so much more than that. What I’m writing about is how our lives, the lessons we learn as children, shape the decisions we make, how they give us the strength to make the decisions we know we should no matter the personal consequences. In Dark Night we meet Marcus . Having escaped the brutal existence forced upon him by Gregor (a monster very different than many you’ve seen), Marcus has chosen to be the last of Gregor’s prisoners. Both Marcus and Gregor faced abuse, Gregor’s by his parents. Without the love of family, with only painful memories, he chooses to let the darkness in his life consume him. Marcus, facing the same type of abuse, uses the memories of his childhood, the lessons they taught him, not only to survive and but to keep fighting against the darkness Gregor gave him and step into the light.

A Darkness Descending, my second novel, uses what I learned as a child to shape Marcus into the man he later becomes. His memories and experiences lead him to a possible freedom, one he leaves behind in his decision to stop Gregor. You learn as he does, what the difference a hug, loving parents, their understanding and encouragement can mean to a child.

My Books

In the Darkness and Light Series:

A Darkness Descending

Dark Night of the Soul

Where There Was Darkness

In the Sister World Trilogy:

Sister World I, The Arrival

Sister World 2, The Fight for Earth

My children’s book for preschool to second graders is Peacedale

Sister World 2, The Fight For Earth

The day has finally come. Sister World 2 is available at Amazon paperback and Kindle format. It is also available at Apple books, and Kobo. It will soon be available at 24 Symbols, OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla, Barnes and Noble, Scribd and Tolino. It felt great to finally finish the edits and submit the book. Operation Switchback, the plan Kahill of Terah developed to rescue our leaders, putting them back in power is audacious and filled with danger. The physics is as real as possible in theoretical physics. Though the places and people are an invention of my over active imagination, a great deal of research went into making them people you might meet and grow to love or in some cases hate. Please make sure to get your copy and post a review on Amazon.

Sister World 2

S/W2 is finally in the next phase. I have my first review, which I’ll post below, but first;

I have done so much research, the physics is theoretical, which means possible if not probable. The names, flora and fauna, and the animals would exist as they are portrayed. Of course that they could speak and what they would say is a product of my imagination. I did extensive research on the places and peoples that would live in the places I invented. The battles are as accurately portrayed as possible in fiction. I hope, when it becomes available you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Of course, you will need to read SW 1. I did start book two with a recap and a list of characters to refresh those who have waited for the second book.


I love the way the author gives her characters looks, motives and background with just a few sentences or a paragraph and I felt as though I knew them. The battle scenes were so well written and I enjoyed the way that the characters and their mirrors were exchanged….this book is a real winner… Andrea LeBlanc


It’s hard to post this. On July 8th, I sat by my mother. I held her in my arms, singing the Ave Maria while she drew her last breath. Losing her is painful, but there is also the pain of not finishing Sister World 2. My biggest fan, she loved Sister World 1 and was quite adamant that I not kill her favorite characters. If you can hear me Mom, I didn’t. Though often said, these things are true: time passes too quickly. Good times do not last forever, and bad times do not define us. No matter the troubles, remember to love as hard as you can. Say I love you often, ask forgiveness when you need to and forgive even when you don’t want to. Try to bring a smile to someone’s face everyday. It’s a gift you can’t buy.

Sister World 2 Prologue

The prologue sets the stage for Kahill and Becarra’s leading the new resistance to the well hidden resistance headquarters, the mirror of the one on Terah. From there, a plan must be made to capture the imposters, rescue our people and put them back in place. A complicated mission, with characters that will pull you into the story. I will post the publishing date as soon as it’s available.


             Sister World 1  began when Kahill and Cara of Terah, learned of Earth, a planet in an alternate universe, and the wormhole that is the gateway to it.  Knowing that Frauliege, Terah’s despotic leader, is sending her people to this new world, replacing Earth’s leaders with hers they braved the wormhole.  Arriving on Griffen Island, a small island off the coast of Canada, they locate their mirrors; Peter, Becky, and their father, Dr. Samuel Benjamin.   and a new resistance is built.

         Using a bird carrying flu, Griffen is isolated from the rest of the world.  As the landing pad for the wormhole, it is the base for the Tehran invasion. General Hinman, Commander of their forces is looking for Dr.’s Samuel and Charles Benjamin for their knowledge of the Wormhole and the contacts they have with those who could save the Earth.

         Eve Conner, the local news anchor, having sought refuge from those taking over the station, upon learning the truth behind the flu, bravely returned to the station, becoming a spy.  It is from her that the resistance learns that the local fishing fleet has been captured.  When the fleet’s Captain’s execution is planned, the new resistance, with the help of TEV; a thought, emotion, vocalizer, that allows communication between peoples and animals, a rescue is planned.  Kahill assuming command, plans the mission, using the most unusual army ever assembled.  Together the island’s animals, the students rescued from Peter’s school, Dr. Benjamin and his family, and Becarra and Kahill, the  fishermen are rescued.  Nathan, the apprentice of the island’s only doctor, hiding in the mountains surrounding the island, sees the battle, and, following the smoke of the resistance’s fire, discovers their hideout.  It is then that Kahill reveals that he has prepared a place on Earth that is the home of Terah’s Resistance headquarters.   Our story begins there.