For a number of reasons, this past weekend will always be special to me. One reason is I was with my fellow authors. They made each hour fun. Another was sharing my table with Keith Carreiro, who is not only a great author but also someone who helped me and made me laugh. My son and husband came to assist. I’m very happy to say they helped me set up and brought me food(that’s a big deal). I also sold the entire collection of both my Darkness and Light and Sister World series, twice. I met my editor, face to face, and I did a lot of laughing. Many people signed up for my quarterly newsletter and I was interviewed by Max Bowen, who besides making me laugh, helped me express myself better than I ever have. My first novel has so many messages, so much a part of what I feel is in those pages and he brought out what it means to me. I’ll be posting the link to in the next few days. One of the best things was when a woman came to my table, saying she was looking for me. Last year she bought Dark Night of The Soul and now she wanted to buy the rest of the series. There is no greater compliment. Having record sales capped off a great weekend. Look for me and the many authors making up the Association of RI Authors at our 10th annual author expo December 3rd at the Crowne Plaza Ballroom, Warwick, RI. Free parking, no entrance fee, lots of authors and Santa Claus will be waiting for you.