Does any other author cry when they kill off one of their characters. (I’m not telling you who, there are 7 books and plenty of characters to kill). Please don’t tell me I’m alone. I miss the characters I no longer write about, hoping to find someone I like/hate or both, as much as the ones I left behind. Then I get a review like this and I find myself smiling. “Started reading Dark Night of the Soul last night. I was ‘hooked’ in the first pages.” I can only hope that’s true for all my readers. The reviews I’ve gotten have all been good. Please keep reading and sending in those reviews. I’d like you to know there’s a lot of talk about making Dark Night of the Soul into a movie. The problem is it’s only me and my husband doing the talking. He wants the Ferrari I told him I’d buy him, if it were a hit. Me, I just want to see Marcus brought to life.