To all you trivia lovers, I have a question for you. There’s a $10.00 Amazon Gift card prize going to the first person who answers the question correctly, but first, let me explain.

I may not have posted on my website that I have been collecting stuffed animals since I was a child. They can’t just be teddy bears though I do have a few. Many of my animals I’ve been given or bought myself are tied to an event, an important person in my life, or something I loved when I was a child. Their names have meanings. Sometimes they represent places I’ve visited; the state animal or an animal I encountered in one way or another. The shark came to me when my son went to Biomes with his boy scout troupe and I got to hold a Sand Shark. The manatee came from the gift center near Silver Springs park in Florida, where you can still see them. I love wolves, always have. I got to walk with one in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. One of the things on my bucket list.

To give you an example of how I choose the name, my first wolf is Amadeus, for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Of course I had to have a Chaka Cow. Now I come to the question of the month. I just got a Manta Ray from St Johns. I decided to call it Fay, yes it rhymes and that helped me choose the name, but can you tell me what brought it to mind? Don’t forget this is a trivia question. Post your reply on my Debradarknight Facebook page. Guesses will be accepted until my birthday, October 18th, and I am not going to tell you the year, though you might get a sense of when by the answer. I think that’s a big enough hint.

Fay’s sitting above Wolfgang, Red(Fox) and Adam, as in Grizzly.
Me and the wolf from Colorado. Wolves are not domesticated and if they don’t take to you, you don’t get to walk with them. I think he liked me.
Just a few. They’re everywhere.