As is common in most professions, time and experience improves us.  Due to this I am re-editing and rewriting Dark Night of the Soul.  The story, as well as the concept of how each of us carries darkness and light within, and characters will not change. Tilly will still be there.  You know how to reach me, so if you haven’t purchased the book, I will be selling the old edition for $5.00 a copy, plus shipping if necessary.  If you have yet to buy, the sale price for the new edition is $10.00. Ebook prices will remain as is.

I am hoping you will consider updating your copy or purchasing the new-improved version. The plan is to have it released prior to the holiday season.

Here’s a small excerpt. For purposes of this post, I’m calling it, Meeting the monster.

Whatever she had planned to say was left unspoken.  Snarling, he tore through her tender flesh. He was careful; he did not want this one to die too soon. Pat began to cry. Gregor brought his hand to her face, seemingly to wipe away her tears.   Instead he used his hideously long fingernails to slice through her soft cheeks.  He tore into the flesh of her thick arms.  The pain was so great she could no longer cry.  Her eyes rolled back, head falling.

    “Not yet.” He tenderly slapped her cheeks, keeping her awake. “You fear me?”

    The answer was a whimper. He smiled. “You should fear me more. Your children, I will find them.”