Last night’s lively literati was a lot of fun. First I didn’t trip on the cape I wore. Secondly, I didn’t lose anything and thirdly a person I do not know, after hearing me read a passage of my book, told me it was gripping. That she bought it matters less than the compliment. I was asked how I develop my characters. It’s not as easy a question as one might think. Maddy shares some of my habits. Yes I talk to my teddy bears. I was a lonely child and they always agreed with me. Judson has the wonderful sense of humor my brother had he had when he was a boy. Chief Daniels has the insights of my 7th grade English teacher. His kindness will never be forgotten. Mrs. Daniels has the dedication my sister always shows. The others have qualities, strengths and weakness, from those I’ve met on my many years journey. Marcus is the me I would have liked to be. I wanted to be a man, because there were no female heroes when I grew up. I wanted to be strong, because I saw my weaknesses. When I thought I was going to die, the brain tumor, I wanted to be more selfless but mostly I want to leave the world a better place than the way it was when I entered it.