For those of you just beginning to visit my website here’s a blurb for each book in the Darkness and Light Series

First Book written in the Darkness and Light Series


Dark Night of the soul begins with Marcus returning to the place where he won his freedom. Saving the little girl that was to be his first victim, Marcus was able to escape. With the passing of many years, Marcus’ life has come full circle when he is reunited with the little girl, now a woman. Recognizing Marcus for what he is, not what Gregor tried to make him, Maddy walks by his side and a final battle begins. Not just a battle to save those Gregor is planning to kill, but a battle to bring Marcus out of the dark, freeing his soul from its long dark night.


(The Prequel to Dark Night of the Soul)

Marcus’ nightmare begins when he is taken prisoner. The memories of the life he led before being taken, gives Marcus the strength to survive his long imprisonment. As time passes, the tormented becomes the tormentor and Marcus finds within himself a strength he did not know. Saving the little girl who was to be his first victim, Marcus is finally free. Continuing to use his memories even as they are slowly being stolen from him, Marcus becomes both hunter and prey, keeping Gregor from taking another. Knowing his years may be endless, but his memories will not, he begins looking for those he’d met throughout his long journey for a final goodbye. Finding help and compassion where he least expects it, Marcus returns to where his fight for freedom was won.


Waking from what he believed would be his fiery death, Marcus finds he is no longer what he was. What he doesn’t know is what he has become. Struggling to answer the questions surrounding him, he finds he is not alone. The one who changed him lingers, haunting and tormenting him. Chief Daniels, the man whose understanding helped Marcus step out of the darkness , stands beside him, introducing Marcus to the world he could be a part of, a world Marcus longs to join. To be a part of that world, Marcus must first accept who he is and what he has become.


Finally accepting his altered state, Marcus uses the part of him still walking in the shadows. To hunt the human monsters he faces, Marcus must hide who he is and with each success comes the fear he has not hidden enough. Always watching, living off the life of the man he stole, Gregor waits and Marcus wonders if the monster is a part of himself, one he cannot destroy. Marcus hopes each solved case, each life saved will bring him the peace Gregor stole the day he stole the boy Marcus had once been. Stepping into danger, Marcus knows doing what only he can, being who he really is, keeps him a man apart, putting his family, his dreams for peace, and his life at risk.


Searching for the ever-elusive redemption, Marcus finds in this quest he is not alone. Gregor’s long journey and both their ultimate fates, depend on the strengths and weaknesses of each other. The dead he could not save haunt Marcus more than the shade walking in the half-world beside him. Marcus’ abilities take him to places he never thought to see, paths he never thought to walk, and bringing him into a world threatening to take from him all those he’s grown to love. Marcus is still the man fighting to escape the the flames he had once hoped to die in.