Darkness and Light, The Hunter

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     Book Cover     Where There Was Darkness ends with Marcus using his heightened senses, to see into a person’s eyes, recognizing the evil some hide within.  Recruited  by FBI agents Yother and Greyson, he is able to use the abilities he thinks of as both a gift and a curse.  The shade of Gregor, the monster who captured him so many years ago, walks in the shadows beside him and Marcus must find a way to tame him.  As Marcus’ successes mount, so does the danger to the life he’s trying to live.  The terrorist attack on the President’s family forces Marcus to make a terrible choice.  Let them die, or do what he can to save them.  Saving them brings him to the attention of the government where skills like his are more than needed.  A new chapter in his too often changing life begins and his never ending hunt for monsters crosses into other countries where he faces dangers to both the life he’s leading and to life itself.  Now more than ever he must hide some of what he is and his nemesis, Detecive Brian Hawkins, is always watching.  With Maddy by his side and the friendship of Chief Raymond Daniels, Marcus struggles to walk in the light while still being welcomed into the darkness.  
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The next Book in the installment, Vampires will be out soon.