Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light is now two books

Darkness and Light, the Hunter

Darkness and Light, Vampires

My beta reader said she was not able to do her work, she had to continue reading the first book. Unique, my books remain in the horror genre but to better explain them, the sub-genre it is Psychological Horror. Marcus continues but if you compare real life with a supernatural existence, real life is always more difficult. As with all my books, I am consulting experts in the areas I am unfamiliar with and have much to thank them for. I will be selling books in Westerly at the Armory and hope to participate in the Loof festival in North Providence. Feel free to contact me about signed copies. You can purchase them directly from me the payments will be handled through PayPal.

I have a question for those who’ve read my books. Which character is modeled after me, meaning If I were a character which one would I be? Please don’t go for the easy and obvious. To the first person who correctly answers the question, I will forward a published book of your choosing. Send the answer to my author e-mail. Be patient, but know I will check.

I will also begin working on a compilation of short stories/poems. The one my sister read, frightened that it might be true, will be my first selection and yes, in the darkest moments of my life I had wished it were true.