Going Wide

For those of you following me and reading my books, I want you to know that I have now begun publishing all my novels on Draft to Digital. That means they will all be available in multiple formats. I’m going to list the books below, but first.

Dark Night of Soul, my first novel is set in the horror genre but it is so much more than that. What I’m writing about is how our lives, the lessons we learn as children, shape the decisions we make, how they give us the strength to make the decisions we know we should no matter the personal consequences. In Dark Night we meet Marcus . Having escaped the brutal existence forced upon him by Gregor (a monster very different than many you’ve seen), Marcus has chosen to be the last of Gregor’s prisoners. Both Marcus and Gregor faced abuse, Gregor’s by his parents. Without the love of family, with only painful memories, he chooses to let the darkness in his life consume him. Marcus, facing the same type of abuse, uses the memories of his childhood, the lessons they taught him, not only to survive and but to keep fighting against the darkness Gregor gave him and step into the light.

A Darkness Descending, my second novel, uses what I learned as a child to shape Marcus into the man he later becomes. His memories and experiences lead him to a possible freedom, one he leaves behind in his decision to stop Gregor. You learn as he does, what the difference a hug, loving parents, their understanding and encouragement can mean to a child.

My Books

In the Darkness and Light Series:

A Darkness Descending

Dark Night of the Soul

Where There Was Darkness

In the Sister World Trilogy:

Sister World I, The Arrival

Sister World 2, The Fight for Earth

My children’s book for preschool to second graders is Peacedale