Sister World 2

S/W2 is finally in the next phase. I have my first review, which I’ll post below, but first;

I have done so much research, the physics is theoretical, which means possible if not probable. The names, flora and fauna, and the animals would exist as they are portrayed. Of course that they could speak and what they would say is a product of my imagination. I did extensive research on the places and peoples that would live in the places I invented. The battles are as accurately portrayed as possible in fiction. I hope, when it becomes available you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Of course, you will need to read SW 1. I did start book two with a recap and a list of characters to refresh those who have waited for the second book.


I love the way the author gives her characters looks, motives and background with just a few sentences or a paragraph and I felt as though I knew them. The battle scenes were so well written and I enjoyed the way that the characters and their mirrors were exchanged….this book is a real winner… Andrea LeBlanc