Sister World 2 Prologue

The prologue sets the stage for Kahill and Becarra’s leading the new resistance to the well hidden resistance headquarters, the mirror of the one on Terah. From there, a plan must be made to capture the imposters, rescue our people and put them back in place. A complicated mission, with characters that will pull you into the story. I will post the publishing date as soon as it’s available.


             Sister World 1  began when Kahill and Cara of Terah, learned of Earth, a planet in an alternate universe, and the wormhole that is the gateway to it.  Knowing that Frauliege, Terah’s despotic leader, is sending her people to this new world, replacing Earth’s leaders with hers they braved the wormhole.  Arriving on Griffen Island, a small island off the coast of Canada, they locate their mirrors; Peter, Becky, and their father, Dr. Samuel Benjamin.   and a new resistance is built.

         Using a bird carrying flu, Griffen is isolated from the rest of the world.  As the landing pad for the wormhole, it is the base for the Tehran invasion. General Hinman, Commander of their forces is looking for Dr.’s Samuel and Charles Benjamin for their knowledge of the Wormhole and the contacts they have with those who could save the Earth.

         Eve Conner, the local news anchor, having sought refuge from those taking over the station, upon learning the truth behind the flu, bravely returned to the station, becoming a spy.  It is from her that the resistance learns that the local fishing fleet has been captured.  When the fleet’s Captain’s execution is planned, the new resistance, with the help of TEV; a thought, emotion, vocalizer, that allows communication between peoples and animals, a rescue is planned.  Kahill assuming command, plans the mission, using the most unusual army ever assembled.  Together the island’s animals, the students rescued from Peter’s school, Dr. Benjamin and his family, and Becarra and Kahill, the  fishermen are rescued.  Nathan, the apprentice of the island’s only doctor, hiding in the mountains surrounding the island, sees the battle, and, following the smoke of the resistance’s fire, discovers their hideout.  It is then that Kahill reveals that he has prepared a place on Earth that is the home of Terah’s Resistance headquarters.   Our story begins there.